+ General                                                                                 
   - Leader
   - Highly goal oriented individual
   - Teacher / Mentor
   - Fast learner
   - High capacity for imagination
   - Edge for creative Ideas
   - Detail oriented
   - Technology savvy
   - Research savvy (Traditional / Cyber)
   - Ability to work individually as well as in teams
   - Maintains a very neat working environment

+ Specialized Software Packages
   - C/C++
   - Python
   - MATLAB and Simulink
   - SciLab
   - NI Labview
   - Cadence PSpice
   - ANSYS Fluent
   - OpenFORM

+ Business
   - Training and Development
   - Project Management

   - Supply Chain Management

   - Risk Management

   - Reliability Analysis
   - Knowledge Management System Design
   - Market Research and Strategy
   - Requirement Analysis
   - Technology Integration in Business
   - Business Process Automation and Development

   - Entrepreneurship

+ Physics                                         
   - Mathematical Modelling
   - Classical Physics
   - Thermal Physics
   - Electromagnetic Theory
   - Special Relativity
   - General Relativity
   - Optical Physics
   - Quantum Physics
   - Particle Physics

+ Chemistry

   - General Chemistry

   - Organic Chemistry

   - Physical Chemistry

+ Mathematics
   - Probability and Statistics
   - Error Analysis
   - Differential Calculus
   - Integral Calculus
   - Vector Calculus
   - Matrix Analysis
   - Fourier Analysis
   - Complex Analysis
   - Ordinary Differential Equations
   - Partial  Differential Equations
   - Series Analysis Techniques
   - Numerical Analysis
   - Perturbation Theory
   - Abstract Algebra
   - Differential Geometry
   - Algebraic Topology
   - Tensor Calculus

+ Computer Science                                                               
   - Advanced Operating Systems (Microsoft / Linux / Mac)
   - ISO C/C++ Programming
   - QT C++ Programming
   - Python Programming
   - Software Engineering
   - Large Scale Network Security Design and Development
   - Physical Security Design and Development (Buildings)
   - Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning

+ Electrical Engineering
   - Electronic Circuit Analysis, Design and Development
   - Embedded System Design and Development
   - Digital Signal Analysis and Processing
   - Digital Image Processing
   - Spectral Analysis Methods
   - Electric Machines and Drive Systems

+ Mechanical Engineering
   - Computational Fluid Dynamics
   - Energy Storage
   - Thermal Science Research
   - Optimization in Engineering
   - Finite Element Analysis

+ Other
   - Krav Maga Practitioner
   - Muai Thai Practitioner
   - Jiu Jitsu Practitioner
   - Latin, Ballroom and Salsa Dancer
   - Wilderness Survival Methods


FernLabs Research

Always imagining tomorrow's future...

Student Member
Institute of Physics
United Kingdom
August 2012
Student Member
American Physical Society
United States
February 2014
Society of Physics Students
United States         
February 2014
Student Member                                                                              
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers        
United States
May 2015
Experimental Aircraft Association
United States
Founding MemberAlpha Kappa Psi - Chi Lambda
United States
August 2014
Lambda Chi Alpha - Beta DeltaUnited States
August 2014
MBA. International Business Management and Leadership
Gannon University
United States
September 2017
December 2018
MSc. Engineering Management
Gannon University 
United StatesJanuary 2016
May 2018
MSc. Mechanical Engineering
Gannon University    
United StatesJanuary 2016
December 2017
MSc. Electrical Engineering
Gannon University                            
United States
January 2016
May 2017
BSc. Physics
Edinboro University
United States
September 2011
December 2015
BA. Individualized Studies (Mathematics / Computer Science)
Edinboro University
United States
September 2010
December 2015
P.Dip. Business Computing
NCC Education
Sri Lanka / UK
January 2005
December 2008

    I have always been fascinated by the world around us and it has always been a quest of mine to decipher the codes in our nature. Since I was a child, I have always asked how our world came to be and how the things we see came to take the form that they did. I loved taking things apart and challenging myself to put them back together.

    When I first started college, I majored in computers and business. I learned about computers, hardware, networking, and most importantly, programming. The more I learned about computers, I also learned how they are betrayed by their own design and therefore vulnerable. So it began my hobby and passion for Information Security - the land of playful knowledge. Soon I started writing computer code in a quest to further understand computer architecture, and of course, taking them apart to learn the functions in the hardware level.

    What I didn't realize then, was that I had only chosen a field that was available to me at the time, and as always, I started questioning its genesis. Especially after coming to the United States and seeing all the different field of studies available, I was feeling unjust with what I was studying. Often, I was left feeling unsatisfied, even after learning something new. There was always that part of me that knew there was a lot more to what I had previously learned. Most importantly, I realized that I was trying to learn all the different inventions of a field that is so fundamental in nature, and I knew I had to find that field. Moreover, I was trying to satisfy my curiosities with the wrong approach. I soon began to ask myself, “Instead of learning how to use someone else's invention, why not also learn to create it on my own?” This got myself into a lot of trouble quickly, because my brain went into overdrive. Clearly, there is way too much knowledge in the world, and no one can necessarily learn it all. It was a hard time to say the least.

    One summer day, I was feeling confused as to what I should do about this problem of needing to know everything in sight. I decided to reach out for help to figure this out. As I was searching for answers on the internet, I ran in to a YouTube video of Dr. Randy Pausch giving his "Last Lecture" on "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams". After watching this video, my goals for the summer were clear. I ran to the Edinboro campus seeking advice on this matter. The first person I talked to was Dr. John Polo in his office at the Physics department. We talked for almost two hours about everything: The Universe, Exobiology, Spirituality, Existence, Consciousness, Nanotechnology, Electronics, Communication Systems, etc. After that conversation with Dr. Polo and watching the video by Dr. Pausch, it was clear that Physics was that fundamental field, "the Natural Science", that I was looking for. The gap I was trying to fill. Most importantly, it was the very field that gave birth to the field of Chemistry, Biology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and therefore, almost all inventions are a byproduct of Physics.

    Finally, I felt like I was at home in the physics department after a long journey. The first few years of my life in physics were not that easy. I had to overcome a language barrier, which I never knew I had, while learning a whole new method to learning. Then, there was the actual basics of physics. I struggled since it wasn't all pretty for the first few years. One thing stood out during all those sleepless nights and failures. It was the fact that physics was the only subject I could learn and keep learning, regardless of what anyone said about my struggles. Right then, I made a promise to myself to never give up. With all the struggles in physics, and other hardships, I finished my degree in Physics, Individualized Studies (Mathematics and Computer Science) and Leadership training from the Army ROTC program at Edinboro University. After all the years of physics, mathematics and computer science, I learned that I like the research based approach the most.  

    All experiments have a vital engineering component when it is being constructed. I intend to do research someday. After graduating from Edinboro University, I started pursuing two masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Throughout the program, my background in physics, mathematics, and computer science played a key role in helping figure out solutions in projects related to Applied Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Signal Processing, Photovoltaics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Electromechanical Control Systems Design, Wireless Communications, Thermography, and Artificial Intelligence. At the end of the day, everything is a business project that is lead by a leader who is ideally well educated, experienced, and highly intelligent. Using the opportunity of the Mechanical Engineering bridge program with the Engineering Management, I saw the value in learning how to manage engineering projects, since I will eventually be doing the same thing. Furthermore, I see everyday how my education plays a key role in understanding project goals by being able to define problems, especially how to mitigate business needs while achieving customer satisfaction. No matter where you travel, business is a universal language that every company and government speaks. Therefore, I decided to finish my third masters degree in Engineering Management and a fourth masters degree in International Business Management with a focus in Leadership as I plan to further my career by learning to integrate all my fields of expertise. As for the future, I intend to pursue doctoral studies in a physics related field. Until then, I am enjoying the knowledge I am gaining everyday. I especially love seeing how all the different fields come in handy due to their rooted connections to each other.

    My life long passion for scientific advancement has now given me the ability to theorize ideas as well as actually build them as experiments to be tested. All my education and experiences allow me to be a good resource to research projects in different fields - even different from my own. It gives me the pleasure of learning about all the other wonderful fields that make our world a better place.

Topics of Personal Interest:

+ Mathematical Physics Modelling and Simulation Techniques
+ Quantum Physical Nature of Space-Time and Forces

+ Mathematical Foundations of the Human Brain
+ Experimental Frequencies and Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
+ Energy Research and Storage Techniques
+ Mathematical Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare Strategy



A. H. Fernando

Offensive Security Certified Professional
Black HatUnited StatesJuly 2008August 2008
Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator                              
EC - Council                                     
United States
May 2008July 2008
Certified Ethical Hacker
EC - CouncilUnited States
March 2008April 2008
Security 360
Singapore Informatics
SingaporeFebruary 2008March 2008


Topics of Knowledge and Area of Skill


Founder / Chief Research Officer
FernLabs Research
United States
January 2008
Lecturer (Physics)
Gannon University
United States
June 2017
Internship - Applied Physics
TechnipFMC Plc.
United States
November 2017
Volunteer Researcher
Gannon University
United States
September 2017
Graduate Researcher
Gannon University
United States
September 2016
May 2017
Instructional Designer (Project Management)
Edinboro University
United States
April 2010
October 2010
Information Security Researcher
Virtusa Corporation
United States
February 2008
August 2008
Lecturer (Distance Learning)
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka
July 2007
August 2008
Management Executive, Information Security Consultant, Lecturer
OpenArc Systems Management (PVT) Ltd.
Sri Lanka
August 2007
February 2008
IDM Computer Studies (PVT) Ltd.
Sri Lanka
April 2006
August 2006